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Tenant Representation Network: The Discussion of Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation Network (“TRN”) is a network of the most advanced and connected commercial real estate organization committed exclusively to representing tenants, businesses, clients, and organizations.

Tenant Representation Network the book is a discussion on Tenant Representation that is ever-evolving. TRN was established to share best practices and knowledge to those who specialize in a particular niche, product, and market to truly become the sharpest in their fields and viewed in the highest regard amongst peers, prospects, and clients.

Tenant Representation began when top brokerage firms and professionals recognized the fiduciary duty owed to Tenants by their advisor in facility negotiations and have exploded in recognition from Fortune 500 companies down to local credit commercial real estate occupiers.

Brokers Who Dominate: 8 Traits of Top Producers

Brokers Who Dominate uncovers the stories behind brokers who are leaders in their respective markets and presents scores of specific lessons about how you can significantly enhance your opportunity for personal brokerage success.

Regardless of how long you have practiced commercial brokerage, there are lessons to be learned from all those profiled. You will learn the strategies and tactics, marketing approaches, prospecting platforms and support structures of some of the most successful commercial real estate brokers in North America.


Download these free PDF Guidebooks by Don Catalano.

How to Win Your Lease Negotiations in 10 Easy Steps

Guide To Office Leasing Due Diligence Guide

Guide To Office Leasing Due Diligence

How to Cut Your CRE Costs in 10 Easy Steps

How to Cut Your CRE Costs in 10 Easy Steps

COVID-19 & Commercial Real Estate: What to Expect

How to Improve EBITDA by Cutting Your CRE Costs Guide Cover

How to Improve EBITDA by Cutting Your CRE Costs

Guide to Commercial Lease Audits

Tenant Rep Leads

Tenant Rep Lead Platforms

Please contact us you would like to be connected to any of these platforms:


Please contact us you would like to be connected to any of these platforms for coaching assistance. 


Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss

CRE Recruiting, Inc.


Client Lease Management Software

Please contact us you would like to be connected to any of these platforms. 


CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member. The CCIM lapel pin denotes that the wearer has completed advanced coursework in financial and market analysis, and demonstrated extensive experience in the commercial real estate industry. CCIM designees are recognized as leading experts in commercial investment real estate.

SIOR stands for Society of Industrial and Office Realtors.  SIOR has certified thousands of members with the prestigious SIOR designation, a professional symbol of the highest level of knowledge, production, and ethics in the real estate industry. Real estate professionals who have earned the SIOR designation are recognized by corporate real estate executives, commercial real estate brokers, agents, lenders, and other real estate professionals as the most capable and experienced brokerage practitioners in any market.

LinkedIn Coach

Brian Traichel

Brian C. Traichel

LinkedIn Expert-Sales Consultant-Executive Coach & Strategist

“Moving Your Ideas Into Action”

Greetings. It is my goal as a LinkedIn Expert & Sales trainer to work with highly motivated professionals to help them reach their sales goals faster using their LinkedIn profile to identify target clients. I help sales professionals with their sales process using the LinkedIn platform.

I stand on the platform that I will bring Real Value To Your Business! I have had the opportunity to work with so many great sales professionals & small business owners. I am a sales consultant, executive coach, sales trainer, & LinkedIn sales strategist.

With over 20 years in the sales, marketing, training & coaching arena I have field tested the LinkedIn experience. I help sales professionals increase their business through proven sales strategies, social selling, and various other sales techniques. I am here to help you out of your comfort zone and move your ideas into action to realize your potential. By providing sage LinkedIn advice, I customize your style of sales to meet your needs and time schedule.

When I first meet with my clients, I like to get a sense of your overall operating blueprint. Once the baseline is established my aim is to optimize the best target market and the best business practices for your own individual sales & marketing strategy campaign.

I am here to support your business and to help you be more consistent with the areas you are already seeing successful results in. Here’s to your Success!!!

Sincerely, Aloha & Namaste’ॐ -Brian

Marketing & PR

Melissa Swader

Melissa Swader | Ruby Red Media

Marketing & Branding • Public Relations • Consultation

Melissa Swader is the President & CEO of Ruby Red Media, a top ranked marketing & PR agency based in Phoenix, AZ.  Her agency is ranked #1 in Ranking Arizona Magazine by AZ Big Media for  SEO/Social Media Marketing and is ranked in the TOP 10 for Public Relations and Graphic Design. 

She is a local and nationally recognized Influencer in Marketing and has helped hundreds of commercial real estate brokerages, brokers, advisors, and marketing professionals build a recognizable brand for their business, services, niche or product all over the country.  She is also the Founder of the nationally recognized platform, Women in Commercial Real Estate – #womenincre created to empower and offer more support to more women in the CRE industry.  

If you are tired of not getting the recognition that you deserve, then contact Ruby Red Media today to elevate your brand in 2024. 

One Yellow Brick Book Cover

One Yellow Brick

By Melissa Swader

Social Media

Alicia Shapiro

Alicia Shapiro

Social Media Marketing Management

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Raz Choudhury

Raz Choudhury, co-founder and CEO of, launched his career at 19 as an engineer at IBM before founding Office Interactive®, an award-winning software firm. With extensive experience, he established with the goal of humanizing software through conversational intelligence. In 2019, Raz and his team pioneered the first production-ready platform in this field, leading the way in innovative user interaction. A dedicated environmental steward and yogi, Raz’s New York City upbringing deeply influences his innovative approach, driving to transform Sales & Marketing. – With Sam, a single-person marketing team effectively becomes a trio, and a sales team of three expands to the capabilities of ten. harnesses three AI disciplines and groundbreaking generative intelligence to empower B2B companies in optimizing their sales and marketing efforts.

SAM HQ: Conversational AI using NLP, NLU, ML, and Deep Learning to deliver voice activated business reports that harness data from multiple disparate datasets – we call it Unified Holistic Data (UDF) – and delivers actionable reports that are nuanced and otherwise unattainable. 

SAM Live Chat: Website chatbot that can auto train itself from a customer’s website and answer common questions, transfer to a live person, and book appointments in the end user’s calendar.  

Automatic Content: Generates Email Marketing Content and Sales Content using Popular LLM models for sales and marketing professionals to generate sales and marketing email content in seconds.

Affinity: Enriches CRM data from publicly available sources.

SAM Stats: Predicts site traffic, lead generation, and revenue based on previous data.

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